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49 Must-Read Lifestyle Blogs in the Philippines

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Lifestyle blogs are some of the most helpful resources for Filipinos to get tips and insights on fashion, travel, beauty, food, and wellness. Along with this, they also offer their own opinions on different topics, making each one unique. 

Having a variety of lifestyle blogs to read from is crucial in understanding current trends. Many lifestyle blogs with a large following also cater to niche markets, with specialized topics for specific interests.

With that, here is a list of 49 must-read lifestyle blogs in the Philippines to get you caught up on what people are talking about. 

1. Philippine Primer: Explore the World of Japanese Cuisine with Chef Takashi Kawasaki

An article on a Japanese Lifestyle workshop being run by Chef Takashi Kawasaki. The article highlights the freshness of Japanese cooking, as well as the uniqueness of their overall culture.

2. The Lifestyle Avenue: Three Things I Love About My Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

A blog reviewing the recently released Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Articles like these help readers make crucial decisions about what to spend on.

3. YugaTech: Top 10 Best Mid-Range Phones of All Time

Rather than focusing on the priciest phones, this article delves into the best phones that can do what they can at a lower price. It’s the perfect read for those looking for a new phone on a budget.

4. Lifestyle Bucket: Barkada trips in under-the-radar local destinations: Sizzling this summer on Airbnb

Perfect for those itching to go on a vacation, this blog talks about a few locations you and your travel buddies might want to check out. It also features some lesser-known spots–a perfect read for those who want lower prices and less crowded beaches.

5. Blog-PH: ‘Kokuryo’ wins Best Film at Piling Obrang Vidyo (POV) 2023

This article is all about the recent film Kokuryo, and how it recently won an award for Best Film at Piling Obrang Vidyo. The article contains more information about the movie itself, as well as the award it won. 

6. Mix of Everything: We Inspire, Innovate and Connect Xiaomi Celebrates Women in Tech

An article that highlights various women in tech working at Xiaomi. 

7. Greta’s Junkyard: Smart Home Ideas for a Modern Lifestyle

This particular blog touches on some practical design ideas for anyone who wants to adopt a more modern lifestyle. The suggestions range from smart lights and entertainment systems to green energy alternatives.

8. Living Beyond Style: Summer Staycation: Fun things to do at home

A listicle on all the exciting things you can do during your staycation at home.

9. Iconic MNL: Feel At Home In The Heart Of Makati At The Citizen Hotel

This article recommends a certain hotel in the middle of Makati for anyone hoping to enjoy a staycation soon.

10. How to Plan the Perfect Dinner Party at Home

This blog gives readers a step-by-step rundown to ensure the perfect dinner party for those who have anything to celebrate at home. 

11. K Figuracion: Shakey’s and Potato Corner Team Up to Create Flavored Mojos: Try Them Now!

An article that features a recent collaboration between Shakey’s and Potato Corner. It urges readers to try the product out while it lasts.

12. Will Explore Philippines: Explore Hong Kong with Cebu Pacific Air via Clark International Airport 

This blog offers a glimpse into a certain airport and airline service.

13. Drowning Equilibriums: Familiar With Any Of These Schemes? Here’s What You Should Do! 

With cashless transactions now more popular than ever, this blog acknowledges the fact that scams have become more dangerous than ever, too. To equip readers with valuable knowledge to protect themselves, this blog talks about what to do in the event of receiving a text message scam.

14. Crown Asia: The Best Must Try Restaurants in Alabang

A listicle of some of the best, must-try restaurants in Alabang for anyone who is in the area, or is planning a trip to it. 

15. Kryz Uy: Afternoon Walks, Swimming with the Kids, What I’m Getting Done at Belo

This blog delves into Kryz’s experience with some challenges in her life and how she got through them.

16. 6 spots in Balamban to visit this summer

This is a listicle that showcases some of the best spots in Balamban, Cebu, for readers to consider visiting on their next holiday.

17. Mad Cherry: How to Stay Productive When You Work From Home

Considering how difficult it may be for some to stay motivated while working from home, this blog shares helpful tips on how to keep yourself focused amidst distractions.

18. Grit PH: Best Courier Services in the Philippines

An extensive guide on some of the best courier services in the Philippines.

19. Corner Magazine PH: Google reveals key trends shaping the future of education

With how quickly the landscape of education is shifting, educational institutions may get left behind if they don’t keep up. This article delves into certain insights to keep in mind for the future of education in the next few years. 

20. Eccentric Yet Happy: How to deal with bad credit when you’re on a budget

This article confronts some of the difficult realities of having a bad credit score. To help any readers that might be struggling with the same situation, the blog lists tips on how to cope with it when on a budget.

21. GIST: See You at the Cinemas: Comic Book Movies to Watch in 2023

Given how the line-up of movies for 2023 includes numerous film adaptations of popular comic books, this listicle gives a rundown of must-watch comic book movies of the year.

22. Snapped and Scribbled: Practice these 4 money-managing tips to improve your finances with Maya

An article sharing helpful tips on how to improve your finances this year.

23. Buzzsetter: Bern Baguio: Experience Bliss, Live in Style

This blog recommends Bern, a new spot in Baguio that offers style, bliss, and luxury to anyone who hopes to visit. 

24. Blogger Manila: 4 Anti Online Scam Tips for You & Your Digital Wallet

A blog that aims to equip readers with knowledge on how to ward off scams

25. Earthlingorgeous: OFW New Year’s Resolution: Welcome 2023 with Better Money Habits!

Amid all of the tips populating the internet on how to spend less and save more, this article offers a unique angle by speaking specifically to Overseas Filipino Workers.

26. The Pop Blog: Netflix Releases New and Diverse Anime Slate 

Given how many Filipinos are passionate and up to date with the latest trends in anime, this blog talks about some of the recent announcements that Netflix has made for additions to the genre.

27. Nognog in the City: Elevate the Sandals Season with Crocs’ Sandals Staples

This blog offers tips on how to show off your unique style in warmer weather.

28. Philippine Concerts: TWICE ‘READY TO BE’ with Filipino ONCEs at the Philippine Arena

With a more music-focused slant, this blog discusses how TWICE will be returning to the Philippines to perform soon. 

29. The Tummy Train: The Marketplace’s Pure Imagineocean Eco-bag is here!

Though this blog mostly focuses on recipes, it also posts products and brand recommendations for its readers. This is one such article, which encourages readers to get the new eco-bag for a greener lifestyle.

30. eLifestyle Manila: PICK.A.ROO launches first kiddie shopper summer program

An article on Pick.A.Roo’s first-ever kiddie shopper program launched in April 2023. 

31. Get Real Philippines: Why is there no P- or F-pop? Filipinos still in denial that theirs is a country of low standards!

In a slight change of tone from the usual lifestyle blog, this one talks about why Filipinos may not take pride in the local music scene.

32. Manila Concert Scene: Legends Only: AIA PHILIPPINES ‘ROAR AS ONE‘ as it Celebrates Big Wins with Gary Valenciano, Chito Miranda, and OPM’s Most Influential In Epic Concert on May 16

This site has a strong focus on Manila’s music and gig scene. As such, the blog itself talks about a concert featuring some renowned musicians in the industry, urging readers to attend. 

33. When In Manila: PSA: Don’t Know What to Do With Old Clothes? Exchange Them for Vouchers at H&M

A little-known tip for those looking to declutter their closets: old clothes can be exchanged for vouchers at H&M. This article goes into detail and describes the steps to take to make it worth your time.

34. The Rest is Noise: ASEAN-India Music Festival Recap: Celebrating 30 Years Of Diplomacy Through Music

This article carefully breaks down how music festivals can showcase the ways music crosses cultural boundaries. 

35. Cup Community: Here Are The Top Alternative Toppings To Tapioca Pearls

Cup Community is a lifestyle blog all about drinks and the best cafes in the Philippines. Along with recommendations on places and orders to try out, it also suggests alternatives when customizing your drink.

36. Where’s RR: grentperez Releases New Single “When The Day Is Done”

This blog features new music from a local Filipino artist, grentperez. 

37. 8List: Tales from the Other Side: 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Lawyer

While most lifestyle blogs focus on fashion and beauty, 8List takes a chance on discussing career choices. This blog offers insight to those who might be looking into law school.

38. It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Reach the White-Sand Beaches of Camotes Islands

This article features the new direct route you can take from Cebu City to the Camotes Islands. It opens on May 4 for those planning their next trip.

39. The City Roamer: Beat the Heat at Discovery Resorts this Easterific Summer

A blog that lists down resort recommendations to check out on your next holiday. 

40. For Urban Women: How to Be a Successful Blogger: 5 Skills and Tools You Need

This article outlines certain steps you’ll have to take if you want to have any success in being a blogger.

41. Starmometer: ‘The Voice Kids’ Unveils Top Nine Young Artists

With this blog, in particular, being updated on everything with regard to entertainment, this article focuses on the new season of The Voice: Kids, and who was recently unveiled as the top nine young artists. 

42. Pretty Me: 5 Makeup Courses for Beginners

This extensive blog post details a few make-up courses that beginners can take to deepen their skills when it comes to putting on make-up. 

43. HappeningPH: Here’s Your Summer Skin Care Product Guide For A Safe And Fun Sunny Season

This article lists several product recommendations to help keep your skin healthy and moisturized. 

44. Manila Shopper: New Stuffed Baked Rolls Now Available at Corner Pizza

This blog prides itself on being updated on every sale, promo, and feature that it can in the Manila area. For instance, this article in particular talks about a new product that Corner Pizza is offering to its customers.

45. Tatler Asia: These are 5 skincare ingredients to look out for in a product

Rather than recommending specific products or brands, this blog offers tips on what to look out for when buying skin care products

46. Swirling Over Coffee: Love to Travel? The New Explorer Card by BDO and American Express Has You Covered

This article talks about the new card BDO has to offer, with a special focus on those who love traveling.

47. Manila Shaker: Top Mouse Pads With Wrist Support

A simple article on the best mouse pads for wrist support

48. Take Off Philippines: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel comes to Manila this July 2023

It’s not uncommon for lifestyle blogs to feature current events, too. In particular, this article talks about an exhibit opening in July 2023 with murals inspired by the Sistine Chapel

49. Enhance Your Financial Health With Maya’s Money-Management Tips

Like others on this list, this article offers tips on how to save money this year

Lifestyle blogs can offer fresh perspectives on life and living in the Philippines. Check them out for a great way to understand how people authentically think and feel about a certain issue, product, or brand. 

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