You’re Not Getting That New Gadget Anytime Soon

By Renzo Guevara
You’re Not Getting That New Gadget Anytime Soon
If you were looking to buy yourself anything that requires a computer chip to function, you might want to strap in for a long(er) wait. The tech industry is currently on life support as the demand goes up and manufacturers just can't make the components fast enough.

Semiconductors power the modern world. Entertainment, security, health, leisure, whatever it is you can think of. Work from home, study from home, play from home, do everything from home. Everyone gets it. We all need tech nowadays more than ever.

Do tech companies know about the demand? Absolutely. Can they keep up with it?

Absolutely not.

The global semiconductor shortage crippled both consumers and suppliers. It’s sad to think that in a time where we now have all the reasons to go get ourselves a shiny new toy, we’re just not able to because it’s almost impossible to do so.

Tech companies just can’t keep up with all of it.

When the pandemic first started, companies canceled their chip orders in fear of a massive hit to the economy. Turns out, they were shooting themselves in the foot when they assumed that people won’t use laptops for work and other gadgets for entertainment. Crazy right?

A single car requires multiple chips in order for all of its components to function properly. Due to the lack of supplies, it could cost car manufacturers billions in lost revenue 

While healthcare technology continues to advance at an impressive rate, vaccine production and rising cases still persist.

Gaming is now more popular than ever before and yet, major consoles from both Sony and Microsoft expect that supplies will be a problem all the way till 2022. This encourages scalpers to profit off of the limited stock that’s available right now.

Looking to get a new phone soon? Yea better luck next time buddy. Unless you wanted an iPhone since Apple is once again one step ahead of the game as they anticipated the shortage and planned in advance. Other companies may not have had the same foresight.

Either way you look at it, whatever industry it may be, it’s rough.

Strap in folks.

Semiconductors take a lot of resources to make. With COVID restrictions causing problems in manpower for production, shipping logistics, and catching up to an increasing demand that looks like it’s not slowing down anytime soon, we might have to just accept defeat on this one.

Intel CEO, Patrick Gelsinger, thinks that the shortage can last up to 2 more years.

When you’re competing against the likes of Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft for supplies, you’ll probably have better chances of scoring a date with your long-time crush.

For better or worse.

Our lives lie within the four corners of a screen already.

Who knew something so small could affect so many things on a global scale? Until things get better, it looks like the only chips that can easily be acquired will be the ones from the grocery.

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