Why Home Appliances Might Be Your New Best Friend

By Renzo Guevara
Why Home Appliances Might Be Your New Best Friend
You know how as a kid, you get excited about walking in a toy/book store and browsing the aisles hoping your parents would notice your “subtle” hopeful glancing and eventually get you what you wanted to get? Those were the things we used to get excited about. Nowadays, it’s appliances. Go ahead tell your past self that you’ll now care more about the temperature of your ac, how the microwave heats up your food, and how for some reason, air can now fry your food.

Recognize the problem, sell the solution.

If capitalism had a motto, this would be it am I right? It’s a formula that’s been working right under our noses for years. Kid’s bored? Present the toy. Having an existential mid-life crisis because of a minor inconvenience in your life?

Knock knock, technology here.

Home appliances might just have one of the greatest character developments in an individual’s life. It’s easily the most boring part in every family trip to the mall. Either that or the department store but it’s all the same. Want to come home and play? Too bad, mommy and daddy want to check out the refrigerators for 2 hours.

As we get older, we get more problems in life. Food’s too cold, room’s too hot, clothes get dirty, suddenly we realize that fried chicken doesn’t magically just come from a clown named Ronald McDonald. I know, crazy right?

With great age, comes greater responsibility. And what better way to deal with additional responsibility than passing it onto something else!

Responsibly lazy.

Appliances are meant to soften the blows of everyday life. It has had a long history of telling people the question they always want to hear.

Why bother?

As someone who lives in a tropical country that can get REALLY hot, electric fans and air conditioners are quite literally life savers. I would probably be sleeping in our fridge if those didn’t exist.

Sure, I could open every single window and fan myself to sleep. Same idea that I can scrounge up logs of wood and start a fire to cook some eggs. But, I won’t stress myself with thinking whether or not I could and instead, realize whether or not I should.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Comfort does favor the privileged. Appliances can take a toll on electricity bills, or even just bills in general. They’re not exactly “accessible” to one’s wallet if you don’t have them yet.


Luckily, technology advancements have allowed appliances take strides to be more efficient in every way. Functionality, affordability, and environmental stability.

Convenience is now becoming more convenient.

You want to know why our grandparents think our generation is lazy? It’s because they didn’t have an electronic box to google everything for them. At this rate, we’ll probably think our kids are lazy because they don’t use their hands to drive anymore.

Not getting an appliance is more of a hard sell nowadays. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages by too much. When the fundamental core concept of your product is “to make your life easier”, then it doesn’t take rocket science for people to realize it’s worth getting.

Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.