What to Wear on an Outdoor Date Within the Pandemic

By Renzo Guevara
What to Wear on an Outdoor Date Within the Pandemic
The world is finally starting to open up a bit after being forced to stay at home by COVID-19. For the longest time, we didn’t really know what to do about certain things. One of those would be how to go about dating. Now that we can somewhat move past being restricted to video and phone calls, how do we present ourselves in person?

Dress to (finally) impress

Online dating had unique perks to it. No need to pay for expensive restaurants, no worrying about transportation or being late, you can act like you’re losing internet connection if it was getting too awkward, etc. But, now that lockdown restrictions are becoming more lenient, in-person dates bring back a few things to consider.

You can’t get away with wearing your boxers to a date anymore.

After months of only needing to worry about what to wear on top, now we have to consider the entire outfit. For those who are willing to brave the pandemic after being sick Facetiming and chatting all the time, a few surprises may come.  

Cover up

Most of us haven’t had a chance to really dress up at all for months. I had job interviews wearing pajamas for crying out loud. Going on a date nowadays gives us an excuse to open up the outfit cabinet once again.

Time to step it up a bit.

Outfits work best when they compliment who you are instead of overpowering your entire presence. You think wearing a semi-formal outfit that’s just one coat away from looking like you’re ready to defend a thesis is a good idea for a simple coffee date?

Less is more when it comes to your outfits, unless you want to be looking like early 2000s Lady Gaga. Everyone’s anxious about being locked away from the rest of society for so long and so you want your presence to be a bit more relaxing and less “loud” for lack of a better term.

Summer dresses, loose button downs, oversized shirts, anything that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. If you’re feeling good, high chances are that you’re looking good. Of course, these are all highly subjective to your personality, location and time of the date, etc.

Worrying about accessories? You have one right on your mouth. Safety protocols and boundaries have to be considered when stepping out of the house. We are dealing with a highly contagious deadly virus here. Face masks are important. Some see them as a nuisance while others see an opportunity.

Face masks can be a part of your outfit. You just have to find one that fits your style. Even though we’re already reaching the year 2 mark wearing these things, they’re probably here to stay for far longer so might as well get used to it. Not only are you showing your date that you care about health and safety, you’re also doing it aesthetically.

Dating has lost some of its weight when it was all stuck online. Now that we have another crack at it in person, it’s time to put ourselves out there and it all starts with a good first impression. If you’re already looking good, you’re already halfway there.

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