The Last Time I Paid Attention to an NGO

By Renzo Guevara
The Last Time I Paid Attention to an NGO
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have had the burden of advocating for social change in communities without official support from the higher offices. Sometimes, they’re the ones who get their “hands dirty” because of how involved they are with the work they do. I’m all for good causes and I love supporting them, if only I can find them more often.

A free cause

To be fair, being an NGO doesn’t necessarily mean that the government is completely hands off. There are cases that they do receive some form of support from other officials but ultimately, every decision is on them. Self-founded, self-funded, self-operated.

It’s a very independent endeavor, for the most part.

NGOs are a very important part of our communities for a number of reasons. They are the leading groups that call for education and awareness in things that can sometimes be overlooked.

To be apathetic is to be ignorant with the issues the world currently faces such as inequality, environmental degradation, diminishing natural resources, abuse of power, etc. NGOs hope to change this and encourage significant social change.

One of the main advantages they have come from what some may claim to be a disadvantage as well. Since they operate on an independent nature, they don’t have to worry about answering to political agendas and corporate roadblocks. This allows them to act faster than most government organizations and at times, call for accountability and transparency from the higher ups.

Where do I sign up?

We need NGOs. Sometimes, the governments and institutions have to be reminded of what they’re supposed to be fighting for. Campaigns and initiatives can only go as far until they need an extra push to be seen.

And I barely see any of them.

There are NGOs that are lucky enough to be supported by hundreds of benefactors every year. I personally would like to support as many as I could but, my feeds are filled with memes. NGOs need to up their PR game if they want to see more engagements.

They’re fighting the good fight. Ever see your favorite brands offset the major environmental implications of their product production with more sustainable practices? Not as often. Heard of a high level politician being free from any form of greed and corruption? Maybe one in a million. Do you know a lot of NGOs are dedicated to solving these problems?

Despite how important their work is, I can’t say I’ve been exposed to a lot of it. It’s not like I’m actively avoiding them. They just don’t have a loud enough voice to be heard. Social media marketing is hard enough as it is. It’s basically a moshpit of everyone fighting to be noticed.

Words into actions

Good PR and marketing is tricky. You need the right message with the right set of tools to send out to the right set of eyes. The better the execution, the better the engagement. It’ll reach a point where word-of-mouth will do the job for you.

NGOs already have the right message.

It’s defintiely better than the ad for an air fryer I get now and then just because I googled a Gordon Ramsay video once. With the right strategies to get seen and heard, NGOs can do so much more than just talk about social change, they might as well do it with all the new supporters they’ll get.

Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.