The Great Hunt for Grocery Snacks

By Renzo Guevara
The Great Hunt for Grocery Snacks
Shopping for groceries is the retail equivalent of a buffet. Half the fun is eating while the other is looking for what you want to get in the selections. Sometimes you win, sometimes your search leads to nothing.

What’s available?

You know it’s going to be a good day when someone in the house starts a grocery checklist. Jotting down your favorite snacks that you haven’t eaten for weeks because you finished your stack at most, a day after your last trip to the store. And then you finally arrive, and you get yourself a shopping cart.

And then, your checklist isn’t entirely checked.

It’s not like this is alarming. Despite believing it as a kid, grocery stores aren’t unlimited utopias for food no matter how much we want them to. It’s even more troublesome nowadays due to lockdowns and pandemic restrictions. Suppliers just can’t ship out products as fast as they could.

Lack of manpower, decrease in sales, fear of the virus, it all adds up to make things a little bit harder for both shoppers and sellers. If it was hard enough to look for international products prior to the pandemic, it’s even more evident now.

Wait, you don’t have that too?

If you thought only the “exotic” products are rare, so are your everyday items that you wouldn’t even think twice of. Chicken, bottled water, sanitation materials, etc. it’s either no one is around to make them or everyone is hoarding them.

Thanks ‘rona.

Unfortunately, things might not get any better anytime soon. Cases are still high and recovery rates are still slow, the world is just not ready for it all yet.

Our stomach’s don’t care though. They still crave what they want to crave. There are a few solutions one can do to possibly get their hands on some of the food that have seen lower visibility in stores.

The easiest one would be to buy directly from the supplier themselves or order it online. You might run the risk of paying more for shipping than the actual food itself or even lose the ability to choose the better piece, one that expires at a later date, or even discover new ones you’ll find alongside the shelves but, at least you won’t have to wait for stores to receive their delayed orders in bulk or risking exposure to others.

Or you can just try to make your own snacks at home. Fun little bonding moment with the family members, you can tweak the flavors and proportions however you want, and you at least know what’s being stuffed in the food you’re eating.

Hungry for more

Whatever the case may be, we all have our demons in the form of whatever snacks we like to regularly eat.

Here’s to hoping we can splurge on our tummies again.

Experts might claim that supply shortages may last till the next year, unexpected things happen in the world all the time. No one told us beforehand that a global pandemic would be happening back in 2019 right? Or better yet, no one told you that your grocery list will be followed. You either don’t find half the stuff in it or you lose yourself in there and go way beyond the ideal budget.

Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.