The Bleeding Cost of Supporting Employees Working From Home

By Renzo Guevara
The Bleeding Cost of Supporting Employees Working From Home
It’s easy to talk about the struggles of working from home from an employee’s perspective. What is often swept under the rug is just how much top enterprises spend in order to support its operations to continue outside the office.

Stay at home

As much as we are all waiting for the world to be revived again after the pandemic, working from home is most likely here to stay for years to come.

People are more productive, flexible work hours benefit mental stability, it creates more opportunities for creative outputs, etc.

It’s not as bad as people think it is.

Companies were already met with a seemingly impossible task of bringing the office to each of their individual employees during the start of the lockdown.

Not only do they have to worry about devices, accountability, internet speeds, accessibility, employee welfare, etc. and that is assuming it’s just a regular desk job. So many other factors have to be taken into consideration.

Hello? You can hear me right?

Zoom links, Google Meets, Google Drive, Slack, or whatever it is you use for remote work. These all make our lives relatively easier (if we haven’t gone crazy looking at them already at this point) to do our jobs while in the comforts of our own rooms. Only one problem though.

They all have a paywall behind it.

It was just too good to be true if these essential programs were free to use. A part of me thinks who can blame them? They saw how much the world needed it and so they capitalize on the opportunity.

If I myself can barely pay for my own Netflix and have to carefully evaluate what other monthly subscription I should avail, what more for enterprises and SMEs as they have to consider company packages and software licenses?

Company treat

My own Medium account is being paid by my company just because my boss asked if I had a subscription and I said no. They did this so I can browse through materials to use for my own work. That’s $50 a year. And that’s just for me.

What more if we add up all things being spent on for the rest of the company?

Companies do spend a lot despite the office being closed. Tech and logistical problems aside, employee welfare also has to be considered.

Other than providing laptops, do they have to give out tables, chairs, internet allowance, electricity bills, and food? - all things that were readily available in the office prior to all of this .

Everyone’s on the same boat when it comes to dealing with the uncertainty of today’s times. Big ol’ evil corporation is a common image for regular employees but they do have their bright spots as they try to accommodate everyone outside of the office. The fact that I’m able to do this right now in my own bedroom is proof of that.

Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.