My Credit Card Hates Me and I Love It.

By Renzo Guevara
My Credit Card Hates Me and I Love It.
We all have our hobbies. In a society that keeps telling you to just keep on working and sell your soul to the 9-5, a little pitstop is needed every now and then. Only thing is, everything comes at a cost, even fun itself.

But, don’t worry.

Having a hobby is great. Whether it be collecting, playing, watching, shopping, creating, eating, exercising, etc. it is essential if we want to have a personality outside of our work.

Who doesn’t like being happy?

Nowadays, saying “I’m busy” seems like a badge of honor. A phrase to validate our role in society as a contributing member to our dear old friend, capitalism.

There’s a stigma going around that preys on people who try to slow down from the hustle culture. You’re watching netflix? What a bum. Playing a video game? Loser. Your boss asked for 2 reports and when you submitted it, he was actually expecting you to do 5? Get out.

I’m here to validate your desire to be a “bum”. It’s okay to slow down because frankly, we all need to. Rewards always come after the hard work. If no one is giving it, you might as well give it to yourself. I’m not saying “screw work” okay? I’m saying something completely different.

Screw the ones who say you can’t.

What’s the point of doing whatever it is you’re doing and earning all that cheddar if you’re not going to eat it every once in a while? With working from home creating a smaller gap between work and play nowadays, setting aside treats for yourself is now important more than ever.

The world sucks (especially right now). You can make it suck less.

A rich inner life alongside solid interests can be far more valuable than you realize. So if your wallet is screaming at you that you can’t, maybe you can pretend to not hear it at times.

Your lifestyle is a reflection of the habits you cultivate. Take up cooking, read those books, go through your watch list, check out that cart that’s been sitting idle for a few weeks already. In healthy moderation of course. Set aside an hour or two each day for activities and allow your credit card to get angry at you maybe once a month. You’ll thank me later, your bills? Maybe not so much.

Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.