May Your HR Plan an Awesome Team Building When All this is Over!

By Renzo Guevara
May Your HR Plan an Awesome Team Building When All this is Over!
Work can be a very complicated relationship to nurture. Sometimes, business does get in the way of forming a more personal bond with you and your teammates. Stakeholders, quarter reports, job salaries, client satisfaction, and much more, there is a lot of high stakes involved in the industry. Doing the job is one thing, doing it together is better.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Once everyone gets a little bit too comfortable, there's a risk of it all crashing down. That’s fine and all, if you want to raise an army of emotionless robots. Skill is only half of the requirement, attitude is what ties it all together.

“We’re like a family here!”

The second someone says that in a job interview, it almost feels like a red flag. Comfort isn’t just built up overnight. It’s a process that has to be worked on a gradual basis depending on the needs of each member. It may sound tedious, but it’s one of the most important investments a company can make.

It’s not as simple as getting everyone food for lunch or including smiling emojis every time you send in a new request for work. It’s about building trust. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not trusting someone right after they go get me a bunch of doughnuts just like that or someone who says “Hi! I hope your workload isn’t much, can you make a 30-page report on this due in about 30 minutes? Thanks! :D”

Companies are so focused on making its customers and stakeholders happy, it can sometimes forget the people who are doing all the dirty work to make it all happen. Team buildings are aimed to make sure this does not happen.

Let’s work on this

Remember how you would hate it if you were paired up with a stranger or someone you didn’t like for a school project? Was it easy to talk to them? Did you enjoy the experience?

Do you like working with strangers?

In today’s unprecedented time where we all just interact with each other through a screen, getting comfortable at work is now more important than ever. Knowing one another beyond job titles is crucial in building a healthy and desirable work environment.

When all your conversations with your manager are just a variation of “what are you working on?” “When will you finish it?” “Is it done yet?” and “What do you mean you want a raise?” then I have a slight feeling that you may not like working for them at a certain point. Boosting team performance and efficiency will be much easier if the employees don’t see each other as machines.

I’m getting paid for this

The house will only be as strong as the hands that built it. Problems will happen. Crisis management is a major thing in any business.

I’m not solving problems with people I have a problem with.

The stronger the foundations, the better it’ll hold in tough situations. COVID-19 has made things a little bit harder to see each other. We lose the human element at work and thus, gone are the much anticipated company outings, vacations, and fun initiatives.

It doesn’t mean that it’ll stay that way though. As the world begins to slowly heal and open up, companies can get creative with their team buildings. Virtual parties, online competitions/ giveaways, team staycations, etc. it’s a lot of work to pull off, but so is everything else we do every single day. People are worth investing in.

Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.