I’d Like to Report an HR Concern

By Renzo Guevara
I’d Like to Report an HR Concern
Employee retention is always one of the most important measures in determining how successful a company is. The work output reflects what the internal environment is like. HR departments remain to be one of the unspoken heroes of today's workforce. They are the ones that make sure we celebrate our victories and learn from our defeats.

Corporate therapy.

Okay let’s be honest here, we’re not always happy with our jobs. Bad days are inevitable, I mean - Mondays exist right?

Some of us may handle it better than others but recently, around 50% of employees quit their job within the first two years. When an applicant finds out that canned beans last longer than the employees in the company, it’s not exactly a place they’d want to work for.

We need help.

It’s easy to write off the HR department as the group of people who hire, pay everyone’s salary, organize the annual christmas party, and then be the one to tell you that you’re fired. You’re not exactly wrong, but you’re also not completely right. HR is the one that keeps everyone in check, whatever form that may take.

Family Feud

Have you ever had a time where you felt like fighting someone in the company? I know I did! (for legal purposes, I’m joking by the way).

Friction in the workplace is bound to happen. Everyone isn’t always on the same page and that naturally causes a few bumping heads. Egos are left unchecked, authority hierarchy is imposed, you remember that one time the office forgot to save you a slice of pizza and then all hell breaks lose.

HR is like the mom of the company.

When Boss A wants a cookie baked the right way but then Manager B thinks a different recipe is more appropriate and then Employee C comes in and says that brownies are better then we have a problem here folks.

A middle-man is needed, someone who has everyone’s best interest in mind and ideally, prefers that the kitchen isn’t burnt down - and that’s exactly what the HR department is for.

“Hey sweetie, how’s work?”

You might lose a human element when you’re working a nine to five every day. No one wants to clock into a place where everyone only really cares about the paycheck at the end of the month.

Good communication, relationships, and a healthy working environment are all major factors for employee retention in a company. What’s the point of a higher salary if all you do is despise what you do and who you do it with?

Who says work can’t be fun?

HR is really the heart of the company. Bingo nights, employee awards, christmas parties, birthday greetings, that’s all from them.

While everyone is busy trying to sail the ship, HR is the one making sure the waters are still. It’s already complicated enough dealing with multiple personalities in the office, the pandemic had to make things worse.

It’s easy to forget the people who aren’t always in the pitches and board meetings. Sometimes, we only remember HR when we have a concern regarding our pay or with each other but, what we don’t normally see is just how much they do in order to make sure everyone is okay. In recent times, that’s more valuable than ever.

Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.