HR Efforts that Make Us Say “Thank you!”

By Renzo Guevara
HR Efforts that Make Us Say “Thank you!”
If there’s one thing employees appreciate, it’s a good HR department. What can be argued as the heart and soul of every company, they are the ones that think of ways to make sure that the people are happy, satisfied, and comfortable.

We care

There’s a corporate side in viewing jobs, employees as robots, higher ups as dictators enslaving everyone to the 9 to 5. It’s a tired and overly exaggerated narrative, for the most part. While I won’t deny that work dissatisfaction is real, I also can’t say that there is nothing being done to fight back against it.

HR is (or should) be your new best friend.

Aside from the typical interviewing, hiring, and firing that we all know they do, HR departments do much more than that. They are responsible for the employee's life cycle. It’s hard to imagine an HR person that wants people to be miserable.

If work was a moving car, HR would be the gas. We’re not going anywhere without them. Salaries? Approach them. Birthdays and employee appreciation initiatives? They’re your man. You think your boss sees you as an expendable android that doesn’t require sleep, rest, and a life outside of work? Mommy HR is here, have no fear. Every single one of us needs the proper support in order to do our jobs.

Tech support

There’s no better way to motivate someone more than free stuff. Working from home has introduced all new issues for employees. Mental and physical welfare is already in the ballpark of every superHeRo department.

And then there’s the practical side of things.

Digital workspaces require technologies. Shocker. Faulty equipment never leads to anything good. If you’re using something that’s not fun to work with, then you’ll barely get through any task.

Providing employees with the right business equipment is crucial to maximizing quality of work. When I was just starting on my job, the second I heard that I’ll be provided a new laptop, it was all I could think about.

It’s not just the allure of a new toy to play with. Realistically speaking, not everyone is able to provide themselves with the recommended tech. Laptops, tablets, phones, software programs, etc. aren’t exactly the most affordable and yet, their importance is all the more emphasized with a remote work setup.

Good cop, sometimes bad cop

HR departments are the first real interaction you will have in any company. They see if you’re up for the job, they handle your documents and process your position, they make sure you’re well equipped for the day-to-day tasks, and they know when things need to be changed.

Yes, they are work parents

The first and last line of defense for the team. At the end of the day, all they really want is what’s best for everyone. Now I just have to find out how to tell HR that getting me a top of the line phone and laptop will help boost my performance...


Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.