Fake Spaces: The Woes of Online Socializing

By Renzo Guevara
Fake Spaces: The Woes of Online Socializing
Within those four corners of your screen contain the majority of your social life when it comes to living in the pandemic. Despite all the tools available for us to connect with one another, it still doesn’t feel like it comes close to what we had before.

Hello? Can you hear me?

Living our lives through the internet is exhausting. Work, school, business, whatever it may be all had to be done through a screen. What’s usually suggested to take a break from all this? Socialize with friends and family. There’s a problem though.

It’s still online.

It’s not like online socializing not being a preferred option is an isolated case nowadays, even prior to the pandemic, people like in-person interactions.

There are a lot of things that can be said about social media and the negative effects it has to anyone. Anyone can be anything on the internet. That loses the human element of the interaction. Sure, you are chatting up your best friend, but the nuances of physical interactions are lost. Body language, hand gestures, facial expressions, etc. It’s a hollow experience.  

Beep boop bop

Ever wondered how robots talk to each other? Now you do. It’s boring, mundane, and a bunch of ones and zeros shooting at each other with no emotion at all. If I were to type “LOL HAHAHA” you’d think I’m laughing hard right?

No, I typed it with such a straight face, a ruler would feel threatened.

People are tired of the clickity claps and the tappity toes on their keyboards. Humans are at our very core, social beings. We need each other to be happy or at the very least, be sane.

If a person is mentally having such a hard time being forced to do everything in life through a computer screen that they’re in need of therapy and so when they finally meet the therapist, it’s through a computer screen as well then we have a real problem here chief.

We are left to juggle between our health and safety or social wellbeing. No one wants to die of a virus, but no one wants to just keep spending most of their days listening to “hello? Can you see my screen?” or at least some version of it.

How do you do this again?

We’ve been in this global pandemic for nearly 3 years already. 3 years without gatherings, events, and large group interactions at least without the fear of contracting the virus itself. Some may have done it more than others, with countries already slowly getting back to normal .

But not everyone is so lucky.

We have gotten so used to avoiding people, only being with them through the internet, and going out in small proportions that we may have actually forgotten to act normal with each other.

I haven’t even shaken the hand of my boss yet and I fear that when I’m finally able to, I wouldn’t know how. Arm too stiff, hands too jittery, do I shake it once or twice? Is he just going for a brofist but I accidentally grab his hand because I thought it was going to be a handshake? You get the point.

The pandemic has effectively created a void that we all want so desperately to fill back up again. It’ll take some time for sure, but significant changes can only happen if we all do our part in fighting back against the virus. Please. I can’t wait for the day that I have a conversation without lag.

Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.