M2: From Campaigns to Analytics

From campaigns to analytics: M2.0 Communications is changing the way agencies use data to understand, plan, and strategize

Data is the oil of the digital era. Like with oil, there will be huge rewards for those who see data’s fundamental value and learn to extract and use it. We’re in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever. Today’s global tech giants – Google, Amazon, and Facebook – have spawned a lucrative, fast-growing industry, one that uses data not just to predict human behavior but also to influence it. This has ushered a new era where companies are called upon to weave data into their operational fabric.
Dabs Castillo and Rica Oquias, co-managing director M2.0
Dabs Castillo and Rica Oquias, co-managing director M2.0

This is true for communications as well. We’ve seen how narratives—spreading in the form of popular stories shared on social media and other online channels—can impact political and social outcomes.
“Today, strategy and creativity in communications needs to be a quantifiable discussion,” said Dabs Castillo, Co-Managing Director of M2.0 Communications, an agency focused on using data to drive its communications initiatives. “What is the role of data in communications? How can brands creatively use them to forge effective strategies? How can it help them understand their stakeholders better? These are just some of the questions we want to answer as we make a concerted effort to engrain data into everything we do.”
Karlo Cleto, Head of Data and Analytics of M2
Karlo Cleto, Head of Data and Analytics of M2

Room for PR Innovation

While we’ve seen from recent use-cases the power of data in creating and shaping narratives, M2 is quick to point out that this is just the tip of the iceberg. “None of the techniques that we’ve integrated into our narrative mining workflow are new; for example, network analysis has been applied to the study of biological systems for decades and to literary texts since the 1990s.” said Rica Oquias, Co-Managing Director of M2.
But it’s the creative use of those time-tested techniques where in lies the opportunity. Because with the accelerated shift to digital, the wealth of data available will only grow, and so will the potential insights for public relations, digital, and marketing communications. “Data is the foundation that allows us to innovate,” said Oquias. “Our goal in this coming year is to further integrate these different tools and techniques into our own software, with the aim of delivering rich insights relatively quickly and at scale.”
“In so many words, narrative mining is the application of network theory, NLP, and other statistical methods to discover, unpack, analyze, and understand narratives,” said Karlo Cleto, Head of Data and Analytics of M2. “By doing so, we hope to surface richer, truly data-driven insights to enhance everything from strategic planning and reporting to messaging and influencer outreach.”

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