Being Jealous of Richie Rich and His Very Own Home Theatre (Plus Others)

By Renzo Guevara
Being Jealous of Richie Rich and His Very Own Home Theatre (Plus Others)
I may not remember much about Richie Rich other than the fact that he had a rollercoaster in his house and he had his own movie theater. As a kid, I thought that was the literal definition of heaven and no one can come close in real life. Now, I see celebrities have those as well. In a time where we’re all stuck at home unable to enjoy the cinemas, I can’t help but be a jealous spectator to all of them.

Wow… that’s pretty rich

Richie Rich was a fairly entertaining watch that showed me how poor I was as a kid because I didn’t have my own McDonald’s in our living room. You wouldn’t believe what I wrote to Santa later that year. It’s a fun movie that, at its surface, does a good job at making kids jealous but, it also has a thing or two to say about the costs of fortune.

Money can(t) buy happiness.

Out of all the ridiculous things that were in that film, (like a backyard roller coaster are you kidding me?) the one that stood out to me the most even to this day is how Richie had a home theater all to himself to use whenever he wants.

This was around the time that I thought I wasn’t allowed in the cinemas. Either I had no money for it, I was too young, I needed parent supervision, or I was stuck at home. Now that I’m all grown up and living in a pandemic, I’m still not allowed in cinemas because I have no money for it, I need parent’s permission, and I’m stuck at home. Not a lot has changed huh?

Cinematic Privilege

A home theater is something I’ve always dreamt of having. The idea of experiencing high quality sound and picture within a dark enclosed environment all in the comforts of your own home sounded incredible especially to a film nerd such as me.

But, it’s easier said than done - and more expensive. Definitely more expensive.

The average cost of having a home theater installed can be a whopping $2,000 all the way up to even $63,00 depending on the specifics such as furniture, projector quality, sound system, sound proofing, etc.

I used to think that Richie’s home theater would be the only one that would be somewhat realistic to get. Just put a big TV in a room, plug a DVD player, turn on the air conditioner, add a few lazy boy chairs and that’s it.

Once again, Hollywood crushes my dreams. Celebrities make a lot of money. Even more so with the executives and the people behind the cameras that pay them. They have money to burn at this point. What better way to do so than splurging on their own home theaters? 

Some of the ones they own cost more than my entire house and beyond. I’m starting to think that they all secretly have a contest within themselves to see who can have the best one. Most, if not all of the Hollywood home theaters look far better than any cinema I’ve gone to in my whole life.

Kesha’s beautiful outdoor theater, John Caudwell’s luxurious room that look like it could belong to royalty, or even Dan and Sheree Landove Funsch’s all in one party area, it’s all so breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time to look at.

Viewing Experience

When the lockdowns started happening all over the world, the first thing I immediately missed was the experience of going to the cinemas. As I see how the rich and famous get to basically put one of the best parts of a mall into their own houses, I remain as a day-dreaming spectator to the lavish comfort they might be experiencing.

Damn it Richie, this all started with you.

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