Anti-Vaxxers… In the Philippines? What Are They So Scared Of?

By Renzo Guevara
Anti-Vaxxers… In the Philippines? What Are They So Scared Of?
When I was a kid, I needed to be briefed, prepared, and reassured that I would not die after my doctor gave me my annual flu shots. Those needles hurt ok? Plus, I had no idea what was in those vaccines. Now I’m all grown up and I hear people feeling the same thing. Only thing is, they ain’t kids.

Skeptical science

When the pandemic hit, everyone was hoping for a cure. When vaccines were quickly invented showing just how advanced we are now when it comes to medical development, people started doubting the existence of it.

I’m so confused.

Vaccine hesitancy has been a major problem everywhere in the world. Whether it be doubting that a highly contagious and deadly virus can be cured or the idea that such a virus doesn’t even exist, or thinking that COVID vaccines implant nanobots in our blood streams, people really go out of their way to justify their refusal to receive a jab.

People don’t like being stabbed by a needle. I’d be really concerned if you told me otherwise. People are also afraid of the unknown (or what they don’t understand). Two things that are present in the COVID vaccine. Sprinkle in reports about side effects that come after the first and second doses and you have a recipe for a “no thanks” sandwich.

Pinoy problems

With the Philippines approaching the 3 million mark for reported cases of COVID-19, you’d think everyone would be more than willing to take the vaccine right?


Vaccine hesitancy in the Philippines has been around even before the Coronavirus hit its shores. It’s only gotten worse now because of a wonderful thing we all know and love called fake news.

Rumors of people dying, magnets sticking to the area where the needle was placed, china implanted microchips for future world domination, infertility, etc. People are getting real creative with these. But these are all either twisting the truth or straight up mumblings from someone who just so happens to post on Facebook and now everyone and their grandma believes it.

It has got as far as to have people protesting for “their right to choose” against vaccines. Even though there are already countless proven facts that support the effectiveness of the vaccines against the virus, and the millions of cases of people suffering and dying around the world because of the virus, people still think it is better to live with the said virus instead of dealing with a tiny needle for less than 5 seconds tops that feels nothing more than an ant bite at best.

Grow up

The only way for society to come back to normal (which is literally what everyone wants) is for us to achieve herd immunity so we can finally contain the virus that took us all by surprise. This process can be significantly sped up if only people agreed to a scientifically proven medical process of receiving the vaccine (which is what some people don’t want).

There won’t be future children to be scared of receiving a shot if you’re the one doing it for them.

We always talk about building a better tomorrow for future generations to come. How our mistakes shouldn’t be solved by our children. This COVID-19 is serious. So serious to the point that it effectively crippled the whole world for as long as it did. It’s up to us to make sure it doesn’t go beyond our generation.

The best vaccine may be the one that’s available, but availability won’t matter if there’s no one willing to claim it. Maybe vaccine centers should give out free lollipops, that always worked for me as a kid.

Make sure you’re heard. Let’s work together.